Massage Therapy
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Treatments & Contraindications

A massage treatment is non-invasive and therefore generally considered a safe treatment for most people, however there are certain medical conditions where a massage treatment will have to be modified and in some cases your GP's written permission may be required. 

Please take the time to read through the following contraindications and if you are in any doubt please consult your GP before booking.

A massage cannot be performed if you have any of the following conditions:
 Contagious diseases
 Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
 Skin deseases

If you suffer from any of the following conditions a massage can only be performed once you have gained approval from your GP. In some cases written approval may be required. 

 Circulatory System Disorders (high blood pressure, history of blood clots, severe varicose veins, heart conditions etc.)
 Immune System Conditions (MS, rheumatoid arthritis etc.)
 Dysfunction of the Nervous System (epilepsy, nervous or psychotic conditions, Bell's Palsy, trapped or pinched nerves etc.)
 Recent scar tissue
 Undiagnosed lumps, bumps or swelling
 If you are on medication - Please consult with your GP before booking
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